среда, 30 ноября 2011 г.

Chaper 14. Love is a tender game.

Hefis went through the magnetic gates to appear on a Vatican Square Sunday mess. He thought he got in Heaven - so warm and bright was around and you had a sence of elation and conciliation. What was going on looked like a well-prepared theater. The Pope was giving a speech in Italian. He could not understand it, but he could guess that it was probably about "peace, giving money to the poor, tolerating sex minorities"(the latter probably not). The junior deacons, dressed in green, yellow and white colours, mooved in a strict procession. It seemed that even the pigeons that were flying from one cornice to another were also part of the troup. He wanted to take picture of two at the same time, but it was rather hard. They changed their positions chaotically: either only one flew at a time or the whole bunch. Finally they flew - a white one and a rock one. What a neet photo - Hefis thought.

Love still is a tender game. Even ifu loose.

воскресенье, 13 ноября 2011 г.

Chapter 13 in which Polar Princess meets Frostbitten Prince

пятница, 7 октября 2011 г.

Polar Princess entered the ice castle. She raised her head up. The ceiling was very high. The best architects of the Polar land made the archs and the vaults. The sun played with the glass of the ice ceiling, producing the rainbow geometric patterns. As she passed along the emerald corridor in the direction of main hall, monochrome white marble columns gave way to the purple-veined ones. The castle was huge, so the corridor was rather long. She entered the main hall. The size and the beauty of it amazed her. He was sitting there in the far corner, finely moulded, looking over the huge heap of little ice pieces scattered over the floor. And the following dialogue took place:

- Hey
- Hey
- Would you like to put together the word "eternity" from these pieces with me?
- I would like to do something else with you.
- I can't.
- And why is that?
- I am waiting for Gerda to come ...
- I see...

And so they played their game with the ice cubes till wicked Gerda did them apart...

пятница, 7 октября 2011 г.

Chapter 12. condensate

Polar night gave way to the polar day, and it was absolutely white and shiny around, almost meditative. The hills on our polar circle were covered with snow as usual. in the distance you could see two black dots that were approaching - they were the Polar Princess and her new found friend White Tiger. They sat down to rest a bit. She has just turned 14. She had a royal white dress on with pastel green, orange and purple rhombs forming a wide stripe in the center from the bossom to the feet. She was seeping beer from a silber beer can. The tiger curled around her, closing his yellow-blue eyes from the Sun. he was chubby, because he knew that in order to survive in the harsh conditions of the polar cirle you needed to have some fat. Well, lets not forget about the Sun. Now it was standing the whole day in the middle of the sky, not moving anywhere, no clouds, or whatsoever around him. But the Princess hadn't already cared about him anymore. She enjoyed the day, looked at the surrounding beauty. only the black nailpolish, pink stripe in the raven black hair and an awry crown were alien to the winter fairytale.

воскресенье, 2 октября 2011 г.

Chapter 11 back on track

Hefis woke up from a bad dream. To somewhat forget it, he decided to go for a run in the park of a palace that was situated near by. It wasn't that easy as it seemed. The dark impressions from a dream transformed into heavy thoughts that seemed to hold his head with their nasty wet hands. He switched his mind to the tourists that were mooving around the castle in a carefree happy crowd, with the backsight he caught the corner of the custord building. He decided to run up the hill opposite the castle as he has never been there before. He had the usual problems with breathing that the beginner runners do, so he stopped in the middle of the hill near a fountain. The fountain had the sculptures of hourses as the centerpiece. Hefis' eyes moved along the curve of the horses leg, and...suddenly...the majestic castle appeared in this so to speak frame of a horse's leg. as if people forgot it and he decided to remind of himself again. But that was only his imagination, Hefis thought, shaking his head. He wished he knew more places of this city, because they seemed to be like pearls cast all over it. So he ran to his friend so that he showed him some.

понедельник, 26 сентября 2011 г.

Chapter 10, in which the Polar Princess and the Ray of Sun have snakes

So one day, when the Polar Princess was waiting impatiently for appearance of her friend, a tragedy happened. It was a Sun eclipse. The Moon stood between the Earth and the Sun exactly at the time when he was supposed to come to her. It was dark and still around for a moment that seemed like eternity. She coudn't moove, tears trickled at first down her face, than her whole body, covering it with ice plates that grew thicker and thicker until she was like one solid statue of glass. The Ray of Sun couldn't see what was happening down on Earth, but he felt that the Princess was in trouble. He knew that the only thing that he could do was to separate from the Sun to be able to reach her. But that meant nevermore to return back. So he flew to the statue. The statue began to melt from his touch, but instead of water it licked with the rainbow colored trickles, which formed a radiant snake that crawled at first along the snow and than bursted into the air with the Northern Lights.

воскресенье, 11 сентября 2011 г.

Introducing the Pink Fizhy

        Like his imaginary character Polar Princess, Hefis also had a friend and a relief from the mundane problems. It was a middle sized pink fish. Her body was incrustated with iridescent ornaments, wich was like a way to once again emphasize her spontaneus character as well...

....- I don't know what's happening with me, Fizhy, I feel down, I can't sleep at night and I have these weird thoughts...I feel like I am ready for some life's wisdom.
- It's either you're in love or it's the side effect of the medicine you're taking.
- Always you have your sarcasm. I feel like I AM eating myself and if people gained weight from that, I would be pretty fat by now.
- Well, I think you have actually lost some weight during the past time. This is how you are looking from the objective point of view by now. Go and have some sex.
- But sex is a physical activity, I will loose the weight again.
- you are leading me to the battle field, I protest! You are not suppoesed to joke with these things.
- What am I anyway -  mermaid Ariel? Speaking to a FISH!
- That's the spirit I like better.

четверг, 8 сентября 2011 г.

A fairy tale of a Polar Princess and a Ray of Sun

We had a chance to peep at one of the stories of the one-sided-face writer (Hefis was his name) Here it is: ...Somewhere far far away, in the cold violet darkness behind the arctic circle lived a 5 year old Polar Princess. She was gourgeous, like just having descended from Velaskes portraits. She lived all by herself, no one hundreds kilometers around her. Of course she felt lonely. As gazing at the stars or drawing in the snow wasn't that much of fun. But she had a little joy. Every day at the same time a Ray of Sun would appear and blow her saddness away. He would talk to her for 5 minutes about this and that, about how cool it is to be the Sun and to travel around the world, and of breathtaking things he saw all around, and soon disappear, allowing the darkness gradually absorb the space again. With the first shadows Polar Princess would become sad. As soon as finsternis masered again, she would become angry and obsessed. "Why won't he stay longer and play with me!" she grieved. "Am I not pretty enough? Are my games boring for him?? I would do ANYTHING in the world to be with him!" And she would weep and her teers would make a jinggling sound as they froze before touching the ground. But then the anger would be replaced by waiting and hope. She would gaze impatiently into the sky and with all her energy think of her friend to come again...

четверг, 18 августа 2011 г.

Battle ground

Several miles from that village in the brick-red sand of the prairie there was a sacred place of its people. It was a kind of a circle shaped battle field, but only for two people. You could take part in the contest only if you were emotionally and spiritually mature. The point was not to win, but rather to check your strength. You could win only if you trust your opponent. The air inside of it was hot and moving. So at the same time the contestants had to struggle with the unbearable heat. Secondly, to enter the field, you would need to take your mask away, otherwise your mask would be competing against you. To some people mask grew very closely and they had to tear it with the skin. When the rivals clutched in the meditative battle, they looked like two lions. The battle could last for several days. If someone lost, he suffered great physical damage. The sand on the field was red also from the blood spilt during such battles.

понедельник, 1 августа 2011 г.

Another dweller of the village

At the same village there lived another personage. He had a big oval head of a white colour and his face was one-sided. He was vey thin. He lived remotely from the other village dwellers. His little house was on a hill. Once or twice a week in the evening he would come out and write under a tree that grew beside the house. His stories were very simple and not original at all. That was a subject of an frustration. Why couldn't he write something great, he thought to himself very often. He was very well-read, and he respected the famous writers and couldn't stand the mediocre ones. But something kept him from writing like Shakespear or Kafka. Was it the vanity of life? He didn't know. Nevertheless, once in a while he would come out into the fresh air and compose a line or two untill the moon came out.

воскресенье, 3 июля 2011 г.

a boy named Decius

Once upon a time in a remote medieval village there lived a boy. His name was Decius. And he was somehow different from all people around him. Namely, he had two heads. This defect of his had a positive side however, he was twice as smart as the people of that village. At first there was a small group of people who still tolerated the ugly genius. But because of some acts, of which will be told further, they turned into his enemies as well.
Decius basically has decided one day that everything is allowed to him. One day he was strolling along the road and saw a four year old girl, who in her turn was observing in a hidden place a group of other kids playing and was afraid to join them, even though she wanted. He decided to play a trick on a poor soul and to scare her even more. He quietly approached her from behind, and when she turned her head to look at something behind her, he jumped at her with a wild animal roar and made a grimace with his dreadful face. The poor thing ran away in hystery. It took several days for the doctor and her mom to bring her back into the normal state again....

пятница, 1 июля 2011 г.

Juliet in the hospital

She was slightly shaking from overall tencity and despair. Because she couldn't sleep from exhaustion, she could only fall into a series of faints, when for short moments the sharp pain could be replaced with numbness. The muscles, going up and down from the heart jammed with every moovement, and the pain was unbearable. Every thought - a razor, cutting deep into the brain.
The room was like one hot cubicle, there was no air to breathe. She wished for the night to come, at least it wouldn't be so damn hot. But the night didn't bring the release. Instead, it brought transcendental fears. They were playing with her fevered body and soul like with a woo-doo doll. She was afraid to fall asleep, as she thought she will never open her eyes again. She was all alone, no one to save her. The indecisiveness was tearing her apart. All night long there was the same light brown picture on the screen of her window. Every night.

воскресенье, 12 июня 2011 г.

Athene's owl flies when the dusk comes

The unusual court was taking place in the darkness of Athene's temple. The light from the fading fires was reflecting on her goldem armour, on her spear and her eyes. She has listened to the Furies who were dying to drink Oresteys blood. Now he had to protect himself.
- You've killed your mother, Orestey. There is no forgiveness of this sin.
- Please, oh almighty and wise Athene, the goddess of war and the patronness of Athenes. My mother has killed my father. And this to rule our city with her lover. No matter how I tried, I couldn't find another way to wash away her shame. The pain from the loss of both parents on one side and the anguish from Furies savage reprisal are tearing me apart.
- I know that you were not alone in your deeds. The God Appolo has approved and supported you. The verdict is - you should live and let live. And to you, Furies, I give the love of Athens and a new name Eumenides - the gracious.

And thus the bloodshed in the cursed family has stopped and the last flames have withered to let the night absorb the temple.

суббота, 11 июня 2011 г.

the ghost of Clytemnestra

... and so Clytemnestra killed Cassandra, Agamemnon's lover, as well. But there was a price she had to pay. Her son Orestey and daughter Elektra have united against her to kill their mother for the memory of the father. The god Apollo has helped Orestey, but he couldn't protect him from bloodthirsty Furies, goddesses of Vengence. Even young heroes mother has arisen from the dead and came to demand his death. The same fate, as of his parents, was awaing the young Argosian. And hopeless and scezofrenic from fear he fled to the temple of Athene .....

четверг, 9 июня 2011 г.

Clytemnestra's Rache

" The water is hot and the steam is perplexing, Agamemnon, but you have gone too far and I won´t show mercy on you now." The labrys was inside the head of a man who returned as a victor from war. "This is for my daughter Iphigenia." The strong man, King of Argos, tries to escape the next blow of the infuriated woman. "You have no idea what I went through! I dreamt of a dragon drinking blood from my breast! But after all this I still promised to be a good wife and obedient to gods". The second stab. "But you were not worth it, Agamemnon, I will kill Cassandra, just like I will kill you, dirty animal." The water of the term was red. The labrys was high in the air . "I pray that gods accept your mortal soul and forgive you killing our daughter. You have been a good ruler and a good husband. I forgive you the betrayal and hope that you find peace in the other world."
To be continued

воскресенье, 29 мая 2011 г.

Cross cap

A green apple. A physicist: an atom compared to an apple is like an apple compared to the plantet in size of course. A poet can find some image like a Newton being struck by an apple. A cook can cook a muffin or an apple cake Charlotte. But the cake Charlotte has something of a simple-trivial-that-anyone-can-do flavour in it. And a muffin doesn't. Not sure I can say anything about anaconda, Eve and Adam and an apple. But it still will be an apple.

пятница, 20 мая 2011 г.

in continuation of "Never stopping" topic

I am dedicating this post to a Space Shuttle Challenger, which completed nine missions before breaking apart 73 seconds after the launch of its tenth mission.

воскресенье, 15 мая 2011 г.

Don't stop under any circumstances.

From a letter of a friend of mine

On Wednesday, two of my planning section partners and I drove across the top of Sylvan Pass, toward the east entrance of the park. The road passes between two mountains, both covered with lumpy remains of avalanches and many meters of snow yet to slide. The way is carved through the collection of snow, and signs warn you not to stop under any circumstances. We passed over and back at about 10:00, and at 15:00 new avalanches buried the road again as well as a ranger's truck - he was lucky enough to be outside the vehicle and away from the slide. Early tourists coming to the park are going to think it is the middle of winter!

среда, 4 мая 2011 г.

A mystireous woman

SO one time I sat in this cafe and I needed to kill 3 hours or so before my train. A loud group of adults came in, I though they were gonna order a lot of meals, like potatoes and meat. But no, they ordered only ice-creams. I pretended to play on my mobile, but I was listening to them. They had some kind of a conference before. They started their teacher-oldschool-souly-blah-blah, but all of a sudden one woman began to speak, and so she spoke of her projects, her life, a school of grace that she is a director of. She mesmerised me and I'm sure them as well. SHe spoke 95 procent of the time. And it seemed like u could listen to her voice forever. I will try to remember it, it was rather high, womanly, free flowing. I really wanted to look how she loooks like, her face. But she sat with her back to me. I'm sure she was beautiful.

пятница, 1 апреля 2011 г.

Good stolen thoughts from others

So there is this American in CS, Ryan White, who started gathering people for kickball every Sunday. He writes something really funny every time in the post. So today's post was:

Here's what some famous Austrians say about Kickball:

Sigmund Freud
"I showed up to kickball with like 12 beers, kicked the ball, ran around the bases, and when I made it back to home plate, 4 of my beers were gone. I think my teammates secretly drank them and were trying to convince me I was drunk and that I didn't realize I pounded down a few drinks before the game started. Well, I wasn't drunk! Those jerks drank my beer! But in the end, I made some good friends and decided to give up my work and become a keyboardist in a band. Thanks, Kickball!"

Thomas Bernhard
"There was a time when my life was at a crossroads. My wife left me for another author and I found myself on a lazy diet of bread, mayonnaise, and pez candy. Kickball helped me get back on my feet because I realized there is more to life than being lonely and eating pez all the time. Now I have like 3 girlfriends and my 86' Ford Pinto is all pimped out. Thanks Kickball for drowning my sorrows in a less destructive way!"

Queen Sissi
"Yeah, so one day I'm in a heated argument with some "man" who says Kickball is a "man's" game, and I'm like, "Oh. No. You. Di'int. Let me tell you sumthin', Honey: If a man can do it, a woman can do it betta. Mmhmm, that's right! You best believe I said that to him! That following Sunday, I phoned up all my girlfriends and said, "Ladiez, it's time to show these men how to really get things done!" We beat them 20 - 10 and mocked them by sayin' "Bitch, please. You best not be comin' round here no more frontin' like you all hype! Go back to yo mamas, you Boyz, cuz this is our field!"

Ludwig van Beethoven
"Well, I'm not really Austrian but everyone thinks I am. I actually only play Kickball because I wish I was Austrian. I dunno.. I guess I'm kind of good at the game. But it's important that I get some weekly exercise, and what else am I gonna do on a Sunday?? Exactly. There's nothing else to do on a Sunday except for hang around the house and play cards with Mother. Kickball makes me feel alive because it's chaotic, I can taunt the other team, I make a lot of friends, and after the game we get beers together and drive the waitress crazy. It's like everything I ever wanted in life except without burritos."

Johann Strauss II
"I just show up every week so I can beat Beethoven's ass in a friendly game of Kickball. Pretty eeeasy."

понедельник, 28 марта 2011 г.


Recently I was on an excursion on the central cemetery in Vienna. I was impressed that a buddist small cemetery was inside it, which means that the place is really good in means of geological lines intersections.

There were some graves of celebrities as well. The city mayor made a decision to have them, as the poeple didn't like the cemetary. From the recent celebraties - Falco was among the most famous. He is a pop-rock - singer that made good shows

He is famous for "Rock me, Amadeus" but I was struck by "Jeany" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5-XF_pnXX4

четверг, 17 марта 2011 г.

este es un día cuando me decidí a estudiarespañol

вторник, 15 марта 2011 г.

Age minority

Interesting observation came to me. Recently on a Couch Surfing party I have noticed some over 30-35s. And now I am thinking what were they doing there? How difficult is it to them to find common tongue with the youth? Are they there because they haven't succeeded in their time? Most of the people, including me, of course evaded them. But still it remains an open question to me.

понедельник, 7 марта 2011 г.

3 jokes that I made up myself

1. my ego is so bad, that I can buy myself a present worth 30 Euros for womans day... and a present worth 100 euros for an ordinary day.
2. I am in no way obsessed by the material things - my laptop is just a part of my family.
3. The third one I forgot. Sorry

Bad girls get into history

The woman's day is approaching, so my American friend sent me this piece of information about a bad ass woman from his region, Livingston, Montana.

In the early 1870s Martha Jane Cannary was christened “Calamity Jane,” known for her reckless
daring riding and good aim. In 1876 Calamity Jane crossed paths with Wild Bill Hickok, and they remained good friends, (she told some they were married) until his death. She was known for causing a bit of trouble by stirring up the occasional saloon fight, and was said to have had a
problem with alcoholism. Calamity Jane moved around most of her life and found it difficult to
settle in one place.

Calamity Jane made Livingston, Montana her home off and on from 1884 until her death in 1903.
She spent much of her time in the nearby mining camps, hanging out with the drinkers and
entertaining them with tales of her exploits. She was often impoverished and unhappy during these years, and a newspaper account from 1901 notes that she lost custody of her children to her husband. Jane is quoted as saying, "The Law ain't givin' me a square deal -- it never gives a
woman a square deal nohow."

UNO city

Today your loyal servant visited the UNO city - where the buildings of UN, Atomic Security, Disarming Treaty, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and Industrial Development Organization is located. Nothing special except for the fact that I have been there. Just some pictures on the walls, sculptures in the yard - presents from other countires; offices and conference rooms.

The city itself is in the form of curved triangles - its rather difficult to orient inside.

A person from Couchsurfing (CS) kindly offered to make a free excurtion, so it was neet. He works in a technical department of Atomic Security office. He is Italian, but knows German. He started speaking to me English, but I kindly insisted on us speaking German, as this is the way for me to practice it and I can get sometimes absurd on insisting to speak it.

The picture that u see was made by some woman. And as she was making it, a man came up talking to her, and saying this courtesy jokes in a diplomatic way. She could have been a big diplomat. u-oh.

среда, 2 марта 2011 г.

I am drawing the path to Jerusalem...

I want to develop my drawing skills a bit. And, by the will of destiny, my first drawing was the path to Jerusalem. Symbolic, ha ))))) It will be used by the chuch for Eastern mass. I will make and attach the pic tomorrow

понедельник, 28 февраля 2011 г.

The Blue Rider

The second museum that I visited was Albertina. It now has the collection of The Blue Rider, expressionist artistic movement of the beginning of the 20th century (I am smart in paintings, aren't I?)) Now goes not the encyclopedic info, but rather personal impression. Well, Kandinsky and Klee are way too abstract. Others drew boringly the animals. But I was rather impressed by Kubin. (If you can be impressed by the modern artists anyway). His paintings are more or less understandable, melancoly, depressive. I will attach couple images, so that u can see yourself.

"And the Great Mao has lit up us the way"

Thanks to my Kultur Pass, which I absolutlely adore, love and kiss-kiss-kiss, I have a free entrance in some museums, theaters, and other places in Vienna. This weekend I visited two museums. the first one - Museum of Ethnology - had an exhibition of China Cultural Revolution,. Which was rather boring to me, as there was only staff depicting Mao Zedong - cups, badges, clothes, u name it. But still it is good to know that such things existed not to repeat it in future, right?

Japanese idioms

Another absorbing blog http://flamenca.livejournal.com/ where a Russian woman tells funny stories of her life in Amsterdam, her Arabic husband and his brother, made me write something in my blog. I haven't had any funny accidents lately. But I found amusing reading the idioms of Chinese and Japanese languages. The following were the best ones: "The hand is reaching out of the mouth", meaning that a man wants smth badly, or sees smth tasty to eat. Or this one "To drop the eye drops from the second floor", means to do smth useless. That is so funny.

суббота, 19 февраля 2011 г.


So recently I visited second biggest city in Wien.
Europe's review: capital of culture in 2003, the center is in UNESCO heritage sites list
My review: More words than action but better than Salzburg.

So I took a map and a city guide and went banaly along the points 1-50. In the old part of the city I saw the clock tower, in which a man and a woman apperared at 11. I climbed the mountain, if that can be considered an entertainment, poor tourist entertainment for sure. Saw the old preserved from the middle ages parts of buildings. In the end I realised that the famous palace is outside the city center. So I had only an hour to visit it. The garden with peacocks was woth visiting. The palace - not that much.
In the evening I went for Graz Couch surfing Stammtisch, which was ok. And had my first surfing experience, which was also very good.
So generally speaking- I feel harmonious after the trip ))
Looking forward to my Budapest - Stockholm - Visby trip in late April.

четверг, 3 февраля 2011 г.

A German lesson

Today at the German course we had an absolutely wonderful task. We went to a Leopold Museum. There we were divided into Groups of 3 and were supposed to search for a picture and describe it. The pictures we chose were Klimt's "Life and death", Schile "Mother with two children" and "3 crosses" and a picture of park by someone. We described the pictures in a great way. I think people enjoyed it.

вторник, 1 февраля 2011 г.

A tribute to Rah-rah camp

This weekend I was a councilor at a youth camp. Was my so to say baptism of fire. 30 young people and 6 councilors in a remote youth house Schacherhof. The topic was "Growing up. A dream and a nightmare". I remember the 10 stations that we had. There the youngsters were to run from Sudoku puzzles to basketball ground, from insect memory (hahaha) to ultimate Frisbee, from reading complicated scientific texts to knitting and learning poetry and so on.

I was responsible for the kitchen on the dinner of the second day. We had this dinner in the total darkness. My shift cooked potato puree with sausages and a cucumber. The campers were supposed to guess what they were eating and eat in the dark. The funny thing was that puree turned out a bit liquid, but it was all right. Also funny was the fact that teenagers thought that in the dark they were less heard, so they shouted to each other until one of the more experienced councilors told them to quit.

The evening theatrical performance was a hit as well. They were divided in groups and given a task to perform a drama skit in the style of Traumschiff (The Love Ship) soap opera. They were also given 5 stupid words that they were supposed to use somewhere in the show. The words were like “fremdschämen“, „epic fail“, “Maya calendar”, “facebook”, “materialist” and of course the already legendary song “Hey, slow down. What do you want from us?”

I cant wait for the next camps )))))))))))))))

среда, 19 января 2011 г.

5 euros

Today a funny situation happened. So b4 this youth hour that I co-organize I get 2 girls from the kindergarten. Just started doing that. And today mother of one of them was there. As she was not yet aware that I do it, she sais "How should I thank you 4 this" and I answered without any ulterior thought "5 euro would be about enough". As a joke of course. And so I continue to stand there waiting 4 the girls to stand up from their seats, as it is time to leave (the process to actually stand up from a seat for a 6 year old takes about 5 minutes in case u didnt know, "in case u dont have a national geographic " - for the origin of the phrase read the blog story about MAK museum))) , and with the back of my eye I see tat the woman takes her wallet from the purse. And I am like "It was only a joke". And she keeps insisting like "you will enjoy a cofee, blah-blah" and she means it very sencerely (like a mother). So I have no other choise as to yield to the temptation. )))

понедельник, 17 января 2011 г.

I should b sleeping long time now, but I have seen this (picture above). Explanation: my blog appeared shyly in the Chrome panel alongside with the other crap sites I am most oftenly visiting. This means that our relationship has gone into a new phase. U may call it " a shift from flowers and candies to dirty underware and no make up". It also means that now whenever I have an idea that represents the slightest interest, it will be immediately pinned to the blog like an easily caught butterfly by the nerdy catcher.
P.S. Don't disdain the amount of times to look at the screenshot that u r posting.
P.P.S. Had I worked in Ecommerce till now, my blog would have been technically fancier ;-)

Now that I have supposedly interested u in my blog with a) my intimate emotions b) the colourfulest stylistic possible c) not quite qualitative sarcasm, u r more than excitied to heara bit more on the history of its creation. Now I have 4 followers but close is the day when I will have hundreds of 'em (and then I will start making some money on commercial))))
Well, the recent posts were inspired by this blog http://kitya.livejournal.com/
I have discovered that I am good at copying people. But at the same time I hate copying people.
others who have influenced it: Alexander Gudim, (a mere coinsidence), a prominent Ukrainian rock star and by the providence of heaven - my former group mate. And thats about it, not much influencers. I hate the name of the blog - anasdieries is the lamest name possible, but I believe it cannot b changed

Cupuaçu butter

Today 4 supper I had a fruit salad, consisting of 5 types of fruit, filled triumphantly with Trinkgenuss yogurt (translated as drinking joy). Caramel pudding and chocolate along with what is left of the Trinkgenuss yogurt are 4 a bit later. I don't know where this festivity comes from - it wasn't planned. )))

A humorous observation. When you want to be in a good mood, read the inscriptions on women cosmetic stuff. FOr instance "it purifies your skin and looks after it with Hamamelis" (this can improve your flora knowledge as well), "prebiotic (wtf?)) effect-complex with natural effect" (they made sure that u notice the word 'effect' as well))), "through the special care-formula with Lavender, silica, chamomile, zinc and Cupuaçu butter (they weren't lazy to find this butter, I wasn't lazy to find this special "c" letter) your skin will be intensilvely looked after and calmed."

Tomorrow is the first German course lesson.

суббота, 15 января 2011 г.

MAK museum, incrusted glasses, Khmer temple and Kelly bag

Today I was in a MAK (museum of applied arts) museum in Vienna with my new acquantance Alicja. AND (and definitely because of).... the entrance was free as it is always free on Saturdays. Unexpectedly, not many people were there... ouch...
As always, musaeums r hard for me in the sence that you need to walk all the time. That was a stress for my feet! Even more stress, but this time in a good sence, to my brain, as the museum's main task is to blow ur mind and its organizators r pretty industrious about it.
So now about the exhibit ( I like the word exponat more). We started with the exhibitions of furniture, tableware, lace from medieval times and barocco till the beginning of the last century. Holy Toledo! (on the origin of the phrase see http://www.dotoledo.org/gtcvb/history/display.asp?id=6 ) these creations are so thorough. Like this one glass (and theere were thousands of 'em, believe me) is so painted with small profound paintings. The new word in my vocabulary - arabesque ^_^ My companion by the way is a fanatic of the old stuff. Ehm.... I am on the modernistic side rather, thenk you very much.
The descriptions of some exhibits contained the phrases "on this chare Madame Blah-blah gathered 4 evening tea after the piano lessons with her daughters" or "the gouache is to portray" or this-this " this is one of the first camp stools known to humanity" (speaking about the mind blowing)
The banal things that came to my mynd were - These r the things of rich people, and those who made 'em for them had a lot of free time. The interesting thought that came was that not everything could be described by words, you CANNOTPOSSIBLY describe those things by words (and it is not even a commercial of the museum).
My story continues. (What an awsome stylistic device. And I think it coeheses my text perfectly. And it is fun to notice these linguistic things. Its like i'm talking with myself))) In the basement of the museum there were some Chinese dishes. There was A JAM POT FROM ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE. Oh, my holy cow and the whole zoo, I saw a fucking JAM POT FROM ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE. Im grateful. For those of u who havent watched national geographic,

Angkor Wat is an absolutely ofigenniy Khmer temple complex in Cambodia, which stands on... (Zadornov - hold your breath) on a fuckin water. If you want to IMPRESS people, ask Khmers how to do it (that is in case u happen to encounter a live Khmer) http://images.google.com.ua/images?hl=ru&source=imghp&biw=1138&bih=549&q=Angkor+Wat&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&oq= )

And to finish with, the exhibition for us, blonds. Small bags and bijouteire (is it OK that I speak French? ))) There was this absolutely huat coutuire bijouteire. And,and (with the shaking voice and lacrimose (stolen diskurs) eyes ) there was this special Kelly bag, with which the princess of Monako Grace Kelly is associated. Or visa versa. http://lifestyle.ru.msn.com/gallery.aspx?cp-documentid=152112230&page=8
Two things. 1, I wanna b a princess of Monako. 2, I want the darn thing!!!!

вторник, 11 января 2011 г.

observation area

A beautiful metafore just came to me. Different activities in our life can offer a great opportunity to really see things. like from the observation area (smotrovaya ploshadka). Arts, foreign languages, sports, and what no t can do this. For example you do your art, say you draw pictures, or see other peoples' pictures and then...suddenly, after running up to a hill, a breathtaking view opens to your eyes. You have reached one observation area....


воскресенье, 9 января 2011 г.

Memoires of a lame tourist. Salzburg

Salzburg. The sarcastic view. This micro town in the micro country of Austria…… No wonder I knew nothing about it (the country) when I came here, whereas I knew quite a lot about Germany. Human greediness. This is how u can explain the existence of such petite countries as Lichtenstein, Malta (goodness grace), and of course Austria. Look at Russia and Ukraine’s size for instance. No greediness there – vAst Slavic soul. Or like China…. Speaking about Salzburg. Small city. A fortress that is all so flashy and medieval from the look, but inside – u pay the bloody 7 euros for entrance - and get 3 decayed roomies and a free ride on the funicular (ha, new flashy nerdy term) back.

Stupid Mozart chocolate balls. What could be more stupider? Not tasty at all. And then there is this flimflam division into the not-real red balls and real (more expensive of course) blue ones. Give me a break!

Private Mozart museum. I mean if it’s private, it doesn’t mean that after paying ANOTHER SEVEN EUROs, u get only 3 miserable babyrooms where his musical majesty Mozart lived. This city succumbs on the noble name of Mozart but the poor guy if he lived till nowadays wouldn’t have stood this gobbledygookness.

I mean – of course there were some good points, like these little labirynth-like streets and the puppet show (which we didn’t see), and a cheap hostel and a dome with a museum where u can get a discount if u belong to a church (ha!), and some Alps views. But Salzburg should still work hard on the above listed points if he doesn’t want to disappoint such picky (or should I say lame?) tourists like me ))