понедельник, 28 февраля 2011 г.

The Blue Rider

The second museum that I visited was Albertina. It now has the collection of The Blue Rider, expressionist artistic movement of the beginning of the 20th century (I am smart in paintings, aren't I?)) Now goes not the encyclopedic info, but rather personal impression. Well, Kandinsky and Klee are way too abstract. Others drew boringly the animals. But I was rather impressed by Kubin. (If you can be impressed by the modern artists anyway). His paintings are more or less understandable, melancoly, depressive. I will attach couple images, so that u can see yourself.

"And the Great Mao has lit up us the way"

Thanks to my Kultur Pass, which I absolutlely adore, love and kiss-kiss-kiss, I have a free entrance in some museums, theaters, and other places in Vienna. This weekend I visited two museums. the first one - Museum of Ethnology - had an exhibition of China Cultural Revolution,. Which was rather boring to me, as there was only staff depicting Mao Zedong - cups, badges, clothes, u name it. But still it is good to know that such things existed not to repeat it in future, right?

Japanese idioms

Another absorbing blog http://flamenca.livejournal.com/ where a Russian woman tells funny stories of her life in Amsterdam, her Arabic husband and his brother, made me write something in my blog. I haven't had any funny accidents lately. But I found amusing reading the idioms of Chinese and Japanese languages. The following were the best ones: "The hand is reaching out of the mouth", meaning that a man wants smth badly, or sees smth tasty to eat. Or this one "To drop the eye drops from the second floor", means to do smth useless. That is so funny.

суббота, 19 февраля 2011 г.


So recently I visited second biggest city in Wien.
Europe's review: capital of culture in 2003, the center is in UNESCO heritage sites list
My review: More words than action but better than Salzburg.

So I took a map and a city guide and went banaly along the points 1-50. In the old part of the city I saw the clock tower, in which a man and a woman apperared at 11. I climbed the mountain, if that can be considered an entertainment, poor tourist entertainment for sure. Saw the old preserved from the middle ages parts of buildings. In the end I realised that the famous palace is outside the city center. So I had only an hour to visit it. The garden with peacocks was woth visiting. The palace - not that much.
In the evening I went for Graz Couch surfing Stammtisch, which was ok. And had my first surfing experience, which was also very good.
So generally speaking- I feel harmonious after the trip ))
Looking forward to my Budapest - Stockholm - Visby trip in late April.

четверг, 3 февраля 2011 г.

A German lesson

Today at the German course we had an absolutely wonderful task. We went to a Leopold Museum. There we were divided into Groups of 3 and were supposed to search for a picture and describe it. The pictures we chose were Klimt's "Life and death", Schile "Mother with two children" and "3 crosses" and a picture of park by someone. We described the pictures in a great way. I think people enjoyed it.

вторник, 1 февраля 2011 г.

A tribute to Rah-rah camp

This weekend I was a councilor at a youth camp. Was my so to say baptism of fire. 30 young people and 6 councilors in a remote youth house Schacherhof. The topic was "Growing up. A dream and a nightmare". I remember the 10 stations that we had. There the youngsters were to run from Sudoku puzzles to basketball ground, from insect memory (hahaha) to ultimate Frisbee, from reading complicated scientific texts to knitting and learning poetry and so on.

I was responsible for the kitchen on the dinner of the second day. We had this dinner in the total darkness. My shift cooked potato puree with sausages and a cucumber. The campers were supposed to guess what they were eating and eat in the dark. The funny thing was that puree turned out a bit liquid, but it was all right. Also funny was the fact that teenagers thought that in the dark they were less heard, so they shouted to each other until one of the more experienced councilors told them to quit.

The evening theatrical performance was a hit as well. They were divided in groups and given a task to perform a drama skit in the style of Traumschiff (The Love Ship) soap opera. They were also given 5 stupid words that they were supposed to use somewhere in the show. The words were like “fremdschämen“, „epic fail“, “Maya calendar”, “facebook”, “materialist” and of course the already legendary song “Hey, slow down. What do you want from us?”

I cant wait for the next camps )))))))))))))))