среда, 19 января 2011 г.

5 euros

Today a funny situation happened. So b4 this youth hour that I co-organize I get 2 girls from the kindergarten. Just started doing that. And today mother of one of them was there. As she was not yet aware that I do it, she sais "How should I thank you 4 this" and I answered without any ulterior thought "5 euro would be about enough". As a joke of course. And so I continue to stand there waiting 4 the girls to stand up from their seats, as it is time to leave (the process to actually stand up from a seat for a 6 year old takes about 5 minutes in case u didnt know, "in case u dont have a national geographic " - for the origin of the phrase read the blog story about MAK museum))) , and with the back of my eye I see tat the woman takes her wallet from the purse. And I am like "It was only a joke". And she keeps insisting like "you will enjoy a cofee, blah-blah" and she means it very sencerely (like a mother). So I have no other choise as to yield to the temptation. )))

понедельник, 17 января 2011 г.

I should b sleeping long time now, but I have seen this (picture above). Explanation: my blog appeared shyly in the Chrome panel alongside with the other crap sites I am most oftenly visiting. This means that our relationship has gone into a new phase. U may call it " a shift from flowers and candies to dirty underware and no make up". It also means that now whenever I have an idea that represents the slightest interest, it will be immediately pinned to the blog like an easily caught butterfly by the nerdy catcher.
P.S. Don't disdain the amount of times to look at the screenshot that u r posting.
P.P.S. Had I worked in Ecommerce till now, my blog would have been technically fancier ;-)

Now that I have supposedly interested u in my blog with a) my intimate emotions b) the colourfulest stylistic possible c) not quite qualitative sarcasm, u r more than excitied to heara bit more on the history of its creation. Now I have 4 followers but close is the day when I will have hundreds of 'em (and then I will start making some money on commercial))))
Well, the recent posts were inspired by this blog http://kitya.livejournal.com/
I have discovered that I am good at copying people. But at the same time I hate copying people.
others who have influenced it: Alexander Gudim, (a mere coinsidence), a prominent Ukrainian rock star and by the providence of heaven - my former group mate. And thats about it, not much influencers. I hate the name of the blog - anasdieries is the lamest name possible, but I believe it cannot b changed

Cupuaçu butter

Today 4 supper I had a fruit salad, consisting of 5 types of fruit, filled triumphantly with Trinkgenuss yogurt (translated as drinking joy). Caramel pudding and chocolate along with what is left of the Trinkgenuss yogurt are 4 a bit later. I don't know where this festivity comes from - it wasn't planned. )))

A humorous observation. When you want to be in a good mood, read the inscriptions on women cosmetic stuff. FOr instance "it purifies your skin and looks after it with Hamamelis" (this can improve your flora knowledge as well), "prebiotic (wtf?)) effect-complex with natural effect" (they made sure that u notice the word 'effect' as well))), "through the special care-formula with Lavender, silica, chamomile, zinc and Cupuaçu butter (they weren't lazy to find this butter, I wasn't lazy to find this special "c" letter) your skin will be intensilvely looked after and calmed."

Tomorrow is the first German course lesson.

суббота, 15 января 2011 г.

MAK museum, incrusted glasses, Khmer temple and Kelly bag

Today I was in a MAK (museum of applied arts) museum in Vienna with my new acquantance Alicja. AND (and definitely because of).... the entrance was free as it is always free on Saturdays. Unexpectedly, not many people were there... ouch...
As always, musaeums r hard for me in the sence that you need to walk all the time. That was a stress for my feet! Even more stress, but this time in a good sence, to my brain, as the museum's main task is to blow ur mind and its organizators r pretty industrious about it.
So now about the exhibit ( I like the word exponat more). We started with the exhibitions of furniture, tableware, lace from medieval times and barocco till the beginning of the last century. Holy Toledo! (on the origin of the phrase see http://www.dotoledo.org/gtcvb/history/display.asp?id=6 ) these creations are so thorough. Like this one glass (and theere were thousands of 'em, believe me) is so painted with small profound paintings. The new word in my vocabulary - arabesque ^_^ My companion by the way is a fanatic of the old stuff. Ehm.... I am on the modernistic side rather, thenk you very much.
The descriptions of some exhibits contained the phrases "on this chare Madame Blah-blah gathered 4 evening tea after the piano lessons with her daughters" or "the gouache is to portray" or this-this " this is one of the first camp stools known to humanity" (speaking about the mind blowing)
The banal things that came to my mynd were - These r the things of rich people, and those who made 'em for them had a lot of free time. The interesting thought that came was that not everything could be described by words, you CANNOTPOSSIBLY describe those things by words (and it is not even a commercial of the museum).
My story continues. (What an awsome stylistic device. And I think it coeheses my text perfectly. And it is fun to notice these linguistic things. Its like i'm talking with myself))) In the basement of the museum there were some Chinese dishes. There was A JAM POT FROM ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE. Oh, my holy cow and the whole zoo, I saw a fucking JAM POT FROM ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE. Im grateful. For those of u who havent watched national geographic,

Angkor Wat is an absolutely ofigenniy Khmer temple complex in Cambodia, which stands on... (Zadornov - hold your breath) on a fuckin water. If you want to IMPRESS people, ask Khmers how to do it (that is in case u happen to encounter a live Khmer) http://images.google.com.ua/images?hl=ru&source=imghp&biw=1138&bih=549&q=Angkor+Wat&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&oq= )

And to finish with, the exhibition for us, blonds. Small bags and bijouteire (is it OK that I speak French? ))) There was this absolutely huat coutuire bijouteire. And,and (with the shaking voice and lacrimose (stolen diskurs) eyes ) there was this special Kelly bag, with which the princess of Monako Grace Kelly is associated. Or visa versa. http://lifestyle.ru.msn.com/gallery.aspx?cp-documentid=152112230&page=8
Two things. 1, I wanna b a princess of Monako. 2, I want the darn thing!!!!

вторник, 11 января 2011 г.

observation area

A beautiful metafore just came to me. Different activities in our life can offer a great opportunity to really see things. like from the observation area (smotrovaya ploshadka). Arts, foreign languages, sports, and what no t can do this. For example you do your art, say you draw pictures, or see other peoples' pictures and then...suddenly, after running up to a hill, a breathtaking view opens to your eyes. You have reached one observation area....


воскресенье, 9 января 2011 г.

Memoires of a lame tourist. Salzburg

Salzburg. The sarcastic view. This micro town in the micro country of Austria…… No wonder I knew nothing about it (the country) when I came here, whereas I knew quite a lot about Germany. Human greediness. This is how u can explain the existence of such petite countries as Lichtenstein, Malta (goodness grace), and of course Austria. Look at Russia and Ukraine’s size for instance. No greediness there – vAst Slavic soul. Or like China…. Speaking about Salzburg. Small city. A fortress that is all so flashy and medieval from the look, but inside – u pay the bloody 7 euros for entrance - and get 3 decayed roomies and a free ride on the funicular (ha, new flashy nerdy term) back.

Stupid Mozart chocolate balls. What could be more stupider? Not tasty at all. And then there is this flimflam division into the not-real red balls and real (more expensive of course) blue ones. Give me a break!

Private Mozart museum. I mean if it’s private, it doesn’t mean that after paying ANOTHER SEVEN EUROs, u get only 3 miserable babyrooms where his musical majesty Mozart lived. This city succumbs on the noble name of Mozart but the poor guy if he lived till nowadays wouldn’t have stood this gobbledygookness.

I mean – of course there were some good points, like these little labirynth-like streets and the puppet show (which we didn’t see), and a cheap hostel and a dome with a museum where u can get a discount if u belong to a church (ha!), and some Alps views. But Salzburg should still work hard on the above listed points if he doesn’t want to disappoint such picky (or should I say lame?) tourists like me ))