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Chapter 10, in which the Polar Princess and the Ray of Sun have snakes

So one day, when the Polar Princess was waiting impatiently for appearance of her friend, a tragedy happened. It was a Sun eclipse. The Moon stood between the Earth and the Sun exactly at the time when he was supposed to come to her. It was dark and still around for a moment that seemed like eternity. She coudn't moove, tears trickled at first down her face, than her whole body, covering it with ice plates that grew thicker and thicker until she was like one solid statue of glass. The Ray of Sun couldn't see what was happening down on Earth, but he felt that the Princess was in trouble. He knew that the only thing that he could do was to separate from the Sun to be able to reach her. But that meant nevermore to return back. So he flew to the statue. The statue began to melt from his touch, but instead of water it licked with the rainbow colored trickles, which formed a radiant snake that crawled at first along the snow and than bursted into the air with the Northern Lights.

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