понедельник, 17 января 2011 г.

Cupuaçu butter

Today 4 supper I had a fruit salad, consisting of 5 types of fruit, filled triumphantly with Trinkgenuss yogurt (translated as drinking joy). Caramel pudding and chocolate along with what is left of the Trinkgenuss yogurt are 4 a bit later. I don't know where this festivity comes from - it wasn't planned. )))

A humorous observation. When you want to be in a good mood, read the inscriptions on women cosmetic stuff. FOr instance "it purifies your skin and looks after it with Hamamelis" (this can improve your flora knowledge as well), "prebiotic (wtf?)) effect-complex with natural effect" (they made sure that u notice the word 'effect' as well))), "through the special care-formula with Lavender, silica, chamomile, zinc and Cupuaçu butter (they weren't lazy to find this butter, I wasn't lazy to find this special "c" letter) your skin will be intensilvely looked after and calmed."

Tomorrow is the first German course lesson.

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