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Bad girls get into history

The woman's day is approaching, so my American friend sent me this piece of information about a bad ass woman from his region, Livingston, Montana.

In the early 1870s Martha Jane Cannary was christened “Calamity Jane,” known for her reckless
daring riding and good aim. In 1876 Calamity Jane crossed paths with Wild Bill Hickok, and they remained good friends, (she told some they were married) until his death. She was known for causing a bit of trouble by stirring up the occasional saloon fight, and was said to have had a
problem with alcoholism. Calamity Jane moved around most of her life and found it difficult to
settle in one place.

Calamity Jane made Livingston, Montana her home off and on from 1884 until her death in 1903.
She spent much of her time in the nearby mining camps, hanging out with the drinkers and
entertaining them with tales of her exploits. She was often impoverished and unhappy during these years, and a newspaper account from 1901 notes that she lost custody of her children to her husband. Jane is quoted as saying, "The Law ain't givin' me a square deal -- it never gives a
woman a square deal nohow."

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