вторник, 1 февраля 2011 г.

A tribute to Rah-rah camp

This weekend I was a councilor at a youth camp. Was my so to say baptism of fire. 30 young people and 6 councilors in a remote youth house Schacherhof. The topic was "Growing up. A dream and a nightmare". I remember the 10 stations that we had. There the youngsters were to run from Sudoku puzzles to basketball ground, from insect memory (hahaha) to ultimate Frisbee, from reading complicated scientific texts to knitting and learning poetry and so on.

I was responsible for the kitchen on the dinner of the second day. We had this dinner in the total darkness. My shift cooked potato puree with sausages and a cucumber. The campers were supposed to guess what they were eating and eat in the dark. The funny thing was that puree turned out a bit liquid, but it was all right. Also funny was the fact that teenagers thought that in the dark they were less heard, so they shouted to each other until one of the more experienced councilors told them to quit.

The evening theatrical performance was a hit as well. They were divided in groups and given a task to perform a drama skit in the style of Traumschiff (The Love Ship) soap opera. They were also given 5 stupid words that they were supposed to use somewhere in the show. The words were like “fremdschämen“, „epic fail“, “Maya calendar”, “facebook”, “materialist” and of course the already legendary song “Hey, slow down. What do you want from us?”

I cant wait for the next camps )))))))))))))))

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