пятница, 7 октября 2011 г.

Chapter 12. condensate

Polar night gave way to the polar day, and it was absolutely white and shiny around, almost meditative. The hills on our polar circle were covered with snow as usual. in the distance you could see two black dots that were approaching - they were the Polar Princess and her new found friend White Tiger. They sat down to rest a bit. She has just turned 14. She had a royal white dress on with pastel green, orange and purple rhombs forming a wide stripe in the center from the bossom to the feet. She was seeping beer from a silber beer can. The tiger curled around her, closing his yellow-blue eyes from the Sun. he was chubby, because he knew that in order to survive in the harsh conditions of the polar cirle you needed to have some fat. Well, lets not forget about the Sun. Now it was standing the whole day in the middle of the sky, not moving anywhere, no clouds, or whatsoever around him. But the Princess hadn't already cared about him anymore. She enjoyed the day, looked at the surrounding beauty. only the black nailpolish, pink stripe in the raven black hair and an awry crown were alien to the winter fairytale.

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