воскресенье, 9 января 2011 г.

Memoires of a lame tourist. Salzburg

Salzburg. The sarcastic view. This micro town in the micro country of Austria…… No wonder I knew nothing about it (the country) when I came here, whereas I knew quite a lot about Germany. Human greediness. This is how u can explain the existence of such petite countries as Lichtenstein, Malta (goodness grace), and of course Austria. Look at Russia and Ukraine’s size for instance. No greediness there – vAst Slavic soul. Or like China…. Speaking about Salzburg. Small city. A fortress that is all so flashy and medieval from the look, but inside – u pay the bloody 7 euros for entrance - and get 3 decayed roomies and a free ride on the funicular (ha, new flashy nerdy term) back.

Stupid Mozart chocolate balls. What could be more stupider? Not tasty at all. And then there is this flimflam division into the not-real red balls and real (more expensive of course) blue ones. Give me a break!

Private Mozart museum. I mean if it’s private, it doesn’t mean that after paying ANOTHER SEVEN EUROs, u get only 3 miserable babyrooms where his musical majesty Mozart lived. This city succumbs on the noble name of Mozart but the poor guy if he lived till nowadays wouldn’t have stood this gobbledygookness.

I mean – of course there were some good points, like these little labirynth-like streets and the puppet show (which we didn’t see), and a cheap hostel and a dome with a museum where u can get a discount if u belong to a church (ha!), and some Alps views. But Salzburg should still work hard on the above listed points if he doesn’t want to disappoint such picky (or should I say lame?) tourists like me ))

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