среда, 4 мая 2011 г.

A mystireous woman

SO one time I sat in this cafe and I needed to kill 3 hours or so before my train. A loud group of adults came in, I though they were gonna order a lot of meals, like potatoes and meat. But no, they ordered only ice-creams. I pretended to play on my mobile, but I was listening to them. They had some kind of a conference before. They started their teacher-oldschool-souly-blah-blah, but all of a sudden one woman began to speak, and so she spoke of her projects, her life, a school of grace that she is a director of. She mesmerised me and I'm sure them as well. SHe spoke 95 procent of the time. And it seemed like u could listen to her voice forever. I will try to remember it, it was rather high, womanly, free flowing. I really wanted to look how she loooks like, her face. But she sat with her back to me. I'm sure she was beautiful.

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