среда, 30 ноября 2011 г.

Chaper 14. Love is a tender game.

Hefis went through the magnetic gates to appear on a Vatican Square Sunday mess. He thought he got in Heaven - so warm and bright was around and you had a sence of elation and conciliation. What was going on looked like a well-prepared theater. The Pope was giving a speech in Italian. He could not understand it, but he could guess that it was probably about "peace, giving money to the poor, tolerating sex minorities"(the latter probably not). The junior deacons, dressed in green, yellow and white colours, mooved in a strict procession. It seemed that even the pigeons that were flying from one cornice to another were also part of the troup. He wanted to take picture of two at the same time, but it was rather hard. They changed their positions chaotically: either only one flew at a time or the whole bunch. Finally they flew - a white one and a rock one. What a neet photo - Hefis thought.

Love still is a tender game. Even ifu loose.

воскресенье, 13 ноября 2011 г.

Chapter 13 in which Polar Princess meets Frostbitten Prince

пятница, 7 октября 2011 г.

Polar Princess entered the ice castle. She raised her head up. The ceiling was very high. The best architects of the Polar land made the archs and the vaults. The sun played with the glass of the ice ceiling, producing the rainbow geometric patterns. As she passed along the emerald corridor in the direction of main hall, monochrome white marble columns gave way to the purple-veined ones. The castle was huge, so the corridor was rather long. She entered the main hall. The size and the beauty of it amazed her. He was sitting there in the far corner, finely moulded, looking over the huge heap of little ice pieces scattered over the floor. And the following dialogue took place:

- Hey
- Hey
- Would you like to put together the word "eternity" from these pieces with me?
- I would like to do something else with you.
- I can't.
- And why is that?
- I am waiting for Gerda to come ...
- I see...

And so they played their game with the ice cubes till wicked Gerda did them apart...