воскресенье, 2 октября 2011 г.

Chapter 11 back on track

Hefis woke up from a bad dream. To somewhat forget it, he decided to go for a run in the park of a palace that was situated near by. It wasn't that easy as it seemed. The dark impressions from a dream transformed into heavy thoughts that seemed to hold his head with their nasty wet hands. He switched his mind to the tourists that were mooving around the castle in a carefree happy crowd, with the backsight he caught the corner of the custord building. He decided to run up the hill opposite the castle as he has never been there before. He had the usual problems with breathing that the beginner runners do, so he stopped in the middle of the hill near a fountain. The fountain had the sculptures of hourses as the centerpiece. Hefis' eyes moved along the curve of the horses leg, and...suddenly...the majestic castle appeared in this so to speak frame of a horse's leg. as if people forgot it and he decided to remind of himself again. But that was only his imagination, Hefis thought, shaking his head. He wished he knew more places of this city, because they seemed to be like pearls cast all over it. So he ran to his friend so that he showed him some.

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