суббота, 19 февраля 2011 г.


So recently I visited second biggest city in Wien.
Europe's review: capital of culture in 2003, the center is in UNESCO heritage sites list
My review: More words than action but better than Salzburg.

So I took a map and a city guide and went banaly along the points 1-50. In the old part of the city I saw the clock tower, in which a man and a woman apperared at 11. I climbed the mountain, if that can be considered an entertainment, poor tourist entertainment for sure. Saw the old preserved from the middle ages parts of buildings. In the end I realised that the famous palace is outside the city center. So I had only an hour to visit it. The garden with peacocks was woth visiting. The palace - not that much.
In the evening I went for Graz Couch surfing Stammtisch, which was ok. And had my first surfing experience, which was also very good.
So generally speaking- I feel harmonious after the trip ))
Looking forward to my Budapest - Stockholm - Visby trip in late April.

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