пятница, 1 июля 2011 г.

Juliet in the hospital

She was slightly shaking from overall tencity and despair. Because she couldn't sleep from exhaustion, she could only fall into a series of faints, when for short moments the sharp pain could be replaced with numbness. The muscles, going up and down from the heart jammed with every moovement, and the pain was unbearable. Every thought - a razor, cutting deep into the brain.
The room was like one hot cubicle, there was no air to breathe. She wished for the night to come, at least it wouldn't be so damn hot. But the night didn't bring the release. Instead, it brought transcendental fears. They were playing with her fevered body and soul like with a woo-doo doll. She was afraid to fall asleep, as she thought she will never open her eyes again. She was all alone, no one to save her. The indecisiveness was tearing her apart. All night long there was the same light brown picture on the screen of her window. Every night.

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