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MAK museum, incrusted glasses, Khmer temple and Kelly bag

Today I was in a MAK (museum of applied arts) museum in Vienna with my new acquantance Alicja. AND (and definitely because of).... the entrance was free as it is always free on Saturdays. Unexpectedly, not many people were there... ouch...
As always, musaeums r hard for me in the sence that you need to walk all the time. That was a stress for my feet! Even more stress, but this time in a good sence, to my brain, as the museum's main task is to blow ur mind and its organizators r pretty industrious about it.
So now about the exhibit ( I like the word exponat more). We started with the exhibitions of furniture, tableware, lace from medieval times and barocco till the beginning of the last century. Holy Toledo! (on the origin of the phrase see http://www.dotoledo.org/gtcvb/history/display.asp?id=6 ) these creations are so thorough. Like this one glass (and theere were thousands of 'em, believe me) is so painted with small profound paintings. The new word in my vocabulary - arabesque ^_^ My companion by the way is a fanatic of the old stuff. Ehm.... I am on the modernistic side rather, thenk you very much.
The descriptions of some exhibits contained the phrases "on this chare Madame Blah-blah gathered 4 evening tea after the piano lessons with her daughters" or "the gouache is to portray" or this-this " this is one of the first camp stools known to humanity" (speaking about the mind blowing)
The banal things that came to my mynd were - These r the things of rich people, and those who made 'em for them had a lot of free time. The interesting thought that came was that not everything could be described by words, you CANNOTPOSSIBLY describe those things by words (and it is not even a commercial of the museum).
My story continues. (What an awsome stylistic device. And I think it coeheses my text perfectly. And it is fun to notice these linguistic things. Its like i'm talking with myself))) In the basement of the museum there were some Chinese dishes. There was A JAM POT FROM ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE. Oh, my holy cow and the whole zoo, I saw a fucking JAM POT FROM ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE. Im grateful. For those of u who havent watched national geographic,

Angkor Wat is an absolutely ofigenniy Khmer temple complex in Cambodia, which stands on... (Zadornov - hold your breath) on a fuckin water. If you want to IMPRESS people, ask Khmers how to do it (that is in case u happen to encounter a live Khmer) http://images.google.com.ua/images?hl=ru&source=imghp&biw=1138&bih=549&q=Angkor+Wat&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&oq= )

And to finish with, the exhibition for us, blonds. Small bags and bijouteire (is it OK that I speak French? ))) There was this absolutely huat coutuire bijouteire. And,and (with the shaking voice and lacrimose (stolen diskurs) eyes ) there was this special Kelly bag, with which the princess of Monako Grace Kelly is associated. Or visa versa. http://lifestyle.ru.msn.com/gallery.aspx?cp-documentid=152112230&page=8
Two things. 1, I wanna b a princess of Monako. 2, I want the darn thing!!!!

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