четверг, 8 сентября 2011 г.

A fairy tale of a Polar Princess and a Ray of Sun

We had a chance to peep at one of the stories of the one-sided-face writer (Hefis was his name) Here it is: ...Somewhere far far away, in the cold violet darkness behind the arctic circle lived a 5 year old Polar Princess. She was gourgeous, like just having descended from Velaskes portraits. She lived all by herself, no one hundreds kilometers around her. Of course she felt lonely. As gazing at the stars or drawing in the snow wasn't that much of fun. But she had a little joy. Every day at the same time a Ray of Sun would appear and blow her saddness away. He would talk to her for 5 minutes about this and that, about how cool it is to be the Sun and to travel around the world, and of breathtaking things he saw all around, and soon disappear, allowing the darkness gradually absorb the space again. With the first shadows Polar Princess would become sad. As soon as finsternis masered again, she would become angry and obsessed. "Why won't he stay longer and play with me!" she grieved. "Am I not pretty enough? Are my games boring for him?? I would do ANYTHING in the world to be with him!" And she would weep and her teers would make a jinggling sound as they froze before touching the ground. But then the anger would be replaced by waiting and hope. She would gaze impatiently into the sky and with all her energy think of her friend to come again...

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