среда, 19 января 2011 г.

5 euros

Today a funny situation happened. So b4 this youth hour that I co-organize I get 2 girls from the kindergarten. Just started doing that. And today mother of one of them was there. As she was not yet aware that I do it, she sais "How should I thank you 4 this" and I answered without any ulterior thought "5 euro would be about enough". As a joke of course. And so I continue to stand there waiting 4 the girls to stand up from their seats, as it is time to leave (the process to actually stand up from a seat for a 6 year old takes about 5 minutes in case u didnt know, "in case u dont have a national geographic " - for the origin of the phrase read the blog story about MAK museum))) , and with the back of my eye I see tat the woman takes her wallet from the purse. And I am like "It was only a joke". And she keeps insisting like "you will enjoy a cofee, blah-blah" and she means it very sencerely (like a mother). So I have no other choise as to yield to the temptation. )))

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