пятница, 9 октября 2009 г.

Belgian business vs Ukrainian Haliava

Recently I was invited as an interpreter during the meeting of a SIDEM steering and suspension company representative, Belgium, and Zaporizhya car parts distributors. The translation itself was kinda difficult, but I received materials in advance and got a chance to prepare. Of course I had a little shock, coz before I differenciated cars only by colours. Now I know for instance that cars can have dependent or independent suspension )))))))))
Peter Dermaunt, the Belgian party, gave the presentation. The audience obviously had fun during the questions time. They showed Ukrainian sense of humor, asking questions like “Can we have this detail for free? Can we have a T-shirt with your logo for free?” I think my foreign friends should know the Ukrainian cultural term “Haliava”, which means “free stuff” and not be offended by the fact how bad we want it. Afterwards I and Zaporizhian host Alexander gave to Peter a quick drive around the night town. During the coffee he told about Belgium, which is famous for beer, chocolate, historical towns and Moroccans, about whom he told couple bad jokes)))))))))) Pics r comin

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